October 2

IMG_1061 IMG_1078 IMG_1047 IMG_1068

^Wide linen pants paired with Reebok trainers. ~_^

September 30


^Wearing Polo Ralph Lauren long sleeved tshirt, American Apparel pants.

September 29

IMG_1028 IMG_1029

I have always had a special place in my heart for black and white photos, ever since I can remember. From  overusing the hashtag #blacknwhite on instagram ala 2011, which I embarrassedly, and understandable so,  regret now. And it wasn’t just on instagram, but all over the social media spectrum. Now I’m thankfully not as vocal about it, but still… You can definitely see it all over my torn up bedroom walls.

^ 1 Postcard from Bauhaus-Archiv. 2 Amazing photo from Dapper Dan issue 11. 

September 28

^Yes, I’m listening to this, but you all should definitely take a few minutes and listen to this cover as well.

September 26

Skjermbilde 2015-09-26 kl. 21.57.05 Skjermbilde 2015-09-26 kl. 22.01.07 Skjermbilde 2015-09-26 kl. 21.59.14

This one is a zinger! The Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall starring drama brings family drama, crime, tears.. the whole shabang. I have to say; Downey Jr. and the substance of the supporting roles lower the credibility of the film somewhat, but Duvall and the rolling emotions makes up for it. It is about a Chicago lawyer (Downey Jr.) who have to defend his Carlinville native judge in a murder trial,

and that’s all I’m gonna say. Watch it. Now. Available on netflix.

^The Judge, 2014. 

September 25


^Matthew Ames for Weekday jacket, second hand Cheap Monday jeans.

September 24

IMG_0498 IMG_0529

^Uniqlo merino wool jumper.

September 23


One garment that I have always had an awkward relationship with is the coat, whether it is a mac or a wool one. I love other people in them, but I rarely feel super comfortable in them. I still wear them though, because I think it brings a ‘something-something’ to a persons attitude.

^Wearing second hand coat, old Gant linen shirt, H&M pants. 

September 20


I feel like a million, no, trillion bucks wearing these loose pants with the, THE, kicks.

^Wearing second hand pants with Reebok trainers. 

September 19


^Wearing second hand turtleneck, Polo cap, Reebok trainers.

September 14


^Wearing AA linen jacket, second hand long sleeved tshirt, unknown pants.

September 12


^Wearing PLAY Comme des Garçons long sleeved tshirt, and grooving to A$AP with the help of cool, yet very functional Bose headphones.

September 11


Polo 4 life;)

No, no. I have to say I don’t have the best associations with Ralph Lauren’s line Polo. Puffers, bright neons, snobby attitudes, are words that come to mind. Having said that, it is in fact a great legacy brand and many people do pull it off nicely, when it is not logos on logos on logos. For me, I like to use my pieces with ‘cooler’ items, like velcro sneakers and loose pants. It gives off a whole new vibe – almost an ironic and undoubtedly a more confident vibe.

Wearing Polo Ralph Lauren cap, American Apparel tshirt. 

September 10


1 Favvo shoes. 2 Reading an erotic novel for an in-depth study we are working on in my Norwegian class, while prepping for the upcoming local election. 3 Also into these green pants I got on sale in Berlin. Paired with a beigey jumper makes one nice pairing.

September 8


The scarlet red jumper doing a sexy little dance with a ten year old graphic I did in an yves klein blue shade. Paired with the jewel toned light makes this little dance, a dance to remember.

Lawd. What Am I Going On About?

^Anyway, I’m wearing second hand pants and a T by Alexander Wang long sleeved linen tshirt.