November 25


^Wearing second hand wool jacket and pants, Uniqlo wool jumper. 

November 21

Skjermbilde 2015-11-21 kl. 21.30.41

^Stepmom, 1998.

The intricate and complementary trio, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris, shares an emotional story in this late 90s film. I first watched many, many years ago, when VCRs was the shit. Yeah, that old. Ah, I really am a youth of todays technologized world :) Anyway, what I remember so vividly about my Stepmom-virginity (aaaa…) is that ‘Aint no mountain high enough’ was played several times in the background. So tonight I went on a trip back to my childhood, longing for that special moment when it plays, only this time I had my big boy glasses on. And now I have come to realize that it is one emotional film. It might be my fondness for Sarandon or Roberts’ ‘dang she fine’-looks, but I don’t think that’s the only factors here. The story is just really authentic.

Linked photo. 

November 11


^Wearing second hand wool jacket and brown pants, Adidas Spezials.

November 11

IMG_7576 IMG_7577

^From an older copy of Fantastic Man, je pense…

Scroll up and down quickly.

November 10


Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool. 

Not a fresh prince just yet, but I feel an upswing is on the horizon. Quite funny actually, because November, aka. the month of school, has only just begun. I’ve been told that “I would hate to see to turn into ‘that guy who complains a hell of a lot'”, so I’m trying my best not to. Cause I don’t wanna be that guy! Anyway, here I am relaxing all cool on the floor in a wool tshirt and jeans.

October 31

I’m swamped in homework and preparations for the upcoming month, you see, my first exam is only ten days away: I’m high key freaking out. The reason being? It’s the French oral one. I decided, this year, to take French as a private course, which basically means no lectures and it is all up to me how I work, not to mention how much effort I put in to it. And let me tell you, it hasn’t been a stroll in the park. It has actually been much more difficult than expected. When I first decided this summer, I hadn’t taken into account the amount work I encounter in the rest of my subjects this final year. So in order to get into the spirit of le français, I’ve been listening to Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, etc.

October 23


Perfectly ‘feel good’ garments — loose pants, white tshirt and leather shoes.

^Wearing second hand Polo tshirt, inherited leather shoes.  

October 22

439428-800w Xavier-Serrano-2015-GQ-Style-Korea-Fashion-Editorial-003

^GQ Korea. Xavier Serrano, photography Hong Jang Hyun. Source

October 21

439435-800w 439436-800w

^GQ Korea. Photographer Hong Jang Hyun. Source

October 20


I think this is gonna be my uniform this winter. Maybe lose the shoes and add some extra layering though. Speaking of layering: I scored some wool gloves at acne archive’s pop-up sale today, a scoop, and very practical so I allowed myself to buy them. You see I’ve been on the lookout for gloves, naturally, but I just don’t feel well in leather gloves.

^Second hand wool jacket, American Apparel navy tshirt, vintage belt, Adidas Spezial’s.  

October 20

IMG_2065 IMG_2141

1 Fall winter issue of Fantastic Man. Not a great issue, but there was this excellent spread featuring looks that fall under different types of characteristic styles; like dressy, shiny etc. See my favourite look on my instagram. They made a whole shabang about it, and actually overall the issue was quite large. 2 Nice combo. I have loved the idea of a pair of jeans or pants that can be kind of an oxymoron for ever now. First, let me explain what I mean: I mean where you have either a pair of slacks or jeans with the opposite features that of a jean or formal trouser. Like this one above: Not that you can see it, but it is a cotton/polyester-blend pair with jean pockets on the front and bum. I also have this one, where you get a denim fabric with classic suit pants elements to it. To me it feels more relaxed and fun.

October 19


Today I tucked this red, full on red, cashmere jumper in these pants that I altered some weeks ago. I got them off Beyond Retro, a site I cannot let myself shop from anymore. 1 I don’t need any more stuff! 2 I have to realize that the amount of money I pay for shipping and extra fees is ridiculous. Anyway, they were originally just plain trousers, but I took some inspiration from a pair of Loewe pants from a few seasons ago, and I sewed on some folds. I think it looks pretty good! Overlook the not so intentional creases from sitting on my scooter and a chair on and off an entire day.

^Jumper and pants second hand.

October 10


^Navy wool pique from H&M, second hand Cheap Monday jeans. 

October 8

2 (1)PARIS-STREET-DAY-2-20 (1)

1 Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons spring 16. 2 Cool look from Paris; by Phil Oh.

October 6


^Ralph shirt, H&M tshirt.