February 12


New ‘do, or I don’t know if this even can qualify as a “hairdo”-

Anyway, buzzcut is my new jam.

buzz, buzz…

February 1

IMG_4644 IMG_4950 IMG_4809 IMG_4853 IMG_4758

Winter attire. 

January 31

Skjermbilde 2016-01-31 kl. 18.40.11 Skjermbilde 2016-01-31 kl. 18.41.19

In ears, on speakers, music that gets me nae nae so I can’t concentrate on this paper I’m writing.

1 Rihanna’s Anti; specifically Work featuring drizzy.
2 Wet’s highy anticipated (at least for me) first album – – Don’t You. 

January 22

_DOM3410 _DOM3717 _DOM3669

1 Yes, yes, yes. A big fat ‘no’ to the shoes. 2 That shirt sculptes to the body very well. 3 Yes to the face and to pants and to the shoes.

^Images via vogue runway. 

January 12

January 11


^Vintage leather loafers, Reebok trainers.

January 8


Headline ;–)

Felt good in all beige, camel or whatever the color(s are) is, in winter wonderland.

Winter wonderland-ish.

^Wearing second hand puffer, pants and a Herschel backpack. 

January 3

IMG_4073 IMG_4077

I got this backpack for Christmas, and though it pains me to say it, it will replace my hand-me-down leather backpack that is a few heavy loads away from falling apart. That I will have to retire and only bring out… Well, that is if this one can stand the test of time.. And books, note pads, pouches, chargers and all that other crap I drag with me every day.

^Wearing green shirt from Lindbergh, pants American Apparel. 

January 1


^Dapper Dan fall-issue. Photographer Paolo Zerbini, styling Stephen Mann. Photo via models.com.

December 31

Bilde tatt 15.12.15 kl. 11.25 #4 Bilde tatt 26.08.15 kl. 11.47 #2

Happy NYE everyone,

kind regards from that guy who has shared far too many pictures of himself this past year. What’s two more, eyy?

Here’s to a new year that can top this one! It can try, but 2015 has truly been a whirlwind in the best way possible.

December 29


^Wearing second hand pants, Reebok trainers.

December 29


^Issue 13 of Twin Magazine. See more here.

December 28


^Wearing Weekday pique, vintage pants.

December 21


^Vintage cashmere jumper, second hand pants, Reebok trainers.

December 19

IMG_3653 IMG_3556 IMG_3597

This upcoming 17 day long break from school has been long awaited. I’m ready to charge up my batteries, which is probably what I’m most excited about, even if you throw the Christmas celebration itself into the mix.

For last couple of days I have… 1 worn a striped, ala a man in an ice cream parlor, shirt, cashmere turtleneck and of course black pants. I have also struggled getting up in the mornings, but I always wear uncomplicated items anyway. 2 An example of the latter; jeans that look like dress pants. Yes! 3 Having an in-depth study in my Norwegian class, we have had to read three books this semester. I have chosen taboo as my topic, therefore I have read several erotic novels, which are Albertine from 1886, Sangen om den røde rubin from the 50s. The late 60s novel, Uten en tråd, is the last book I read and this is where my notes stem from. I find them all very interesting, because on the surface of the plot it is all orgasms, nudity and elaborate depictions, but when you get deeper into the story, all the writers rebel against certain boundaries set up society.

Have a joyful holiday!