May 20


Where did May go?

Things that have kept me occupied:
– my job at Studio Spornes
– preparations for my final exams
– my birthday, which was the 15th
– May 17th (picture above) ..
– .. which brings me to the ‘russetiden’, where for the past month friends and I have celebrated our 13 years at school. It’s been indescribable, but if I have to put some words on it: fun, exhausting, alcohol inducing madness, enlightening, amazing!, and cathartic and transforming.

May, lovely, May.

April 22


^Wearing pants and jacket from Weekday, second hand jumper.

April 13


Here’s a link to a Spotify-playlist with my recent listenings. There’s some embarrassing mainstream songs there (i.g. Daya, 7 years, Lot to Learn) but we all have to be a little basic sometimes. The 1975, Aurora, San Cisco are golden.

April 12


Yes, when I take my white denim jacket …
— I love that it’s so dirty – I think there’s even some grease from a falafel from when I went to a festival this summer —
… out for spin, AND pair it with this shirt — yes, then it’s spring.

^Wearing Levi’s denim jacket, second hand shirt. 

April 9


So, here we are… a new month, and many, many days since my last peep. I don’t wanna go through the whole spiel, just like every other ‘blogger’ do, but who am I kidding… I’m just like them. Blogger.

Phew. That word holds such a negative aftertaste. Blogger.

Anyway, I’m going into my busiest and most exciting spring season yet. I’m hard at work, both at school and at my new job as a “barista”. I use the term ‘barista’ loosely, but I like to fling it in your face when I get the chance to, of course. One last effort before uni in the fall, and one big one-month-long party to celebrate the same fact. Pho.

^Wearing Weekday jacket, second hand pants. 

March 26


Easter break is nearly through, and my holiday has been filled with relaxing days at home and in the sun, some work on an upcoming school production and settling in at a new job. It’s been goo-h-ood-

^Wearing my trusty trainers with second hand pinstriped pants, favourite denims from Berlin and a pink tshirt.

March 19


^Acne t-shirt, favourite second hand pants.

March 15


^Second hand coat and trainers.

March 5


^Dapper Dan issue 13. Photo is linked.

February 28

IMG_5490 IMG_5476

^Weekday pants, t-shirts Uniqlo and Acne. 

February 25


^Second hand puffer, favorite pants also second hand and the trainers I got from this Japanese shop – I’m always a bit iffy when purchasing from ebay, etc., but I highly recommend this one.

February 23

IMG_5541 IMG_5542

I had never been to the Henie Onstad centre, at least to my recollection, but I know my parents bought a Yoko Ono piece here, so maybe. Either way, the space is beautiful and to me it has some Louisiana-vibes to it, which is suiting since In Infinity is a collaboration between these two fines centres of arts.
^What caught my eye the most was this invigorating ceiling.

Besides the architecture, what struck me was her work, not in the arts, but in the streets. She demonstrated, sent an urging letter to pres. Nixon in 1968 and generally orchestrated public happenings all over NY. Her work involves feministic and psychologic themes as well as a presence of a consciousness of her time. This is something I find way more fascinating than her collaborations with the likes of Vuitton and her work with colours and patterns, particularly polka dots. I see bloggers and ig-users posting pictures from these red and yellow polka dotted installations, and to me it just seems over hyped. Having said that, it sure brings joy.

It also gave a wonderful peek into the 60s-70s art scene in New York, as well as her Japanese background, which is something I’m curious about delving into.


Her work with macaroni is also kind of fun.

February 22

~Text and words and sentences aka my take one the whole thing soon.

^I filmed this short clip of two television sets at the centre, just fyi. 

February 12


New ‘do, or I don’t know if this even can qualify as a “hairdo”-

Anyway, buzzcut is my new jam.

buzz, buzz…

February 1

IMG_4644 IMG_4950 IMG_4809 IMG_4853 IMG_4758

Winter attire.